Religion, Arts and Science – Why Branches of the Same Tree?

All animal creations can be disconnected broadly into three categories i.e. science, adoration and arts. Initially, art referred to any animal accomplishment or mastery. About during the adventurous period, art was afar from the added two capital branches of animal conception i.e. science and religion. Arts, science and adoration are now advised as altered specializations that acquire annihilation in common.

Albert Einstein said “All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the aforementioned tree. ” Yet we don’t apperceive why? Afterwards all, adoration is based on accepting defective no evidence. Science is based on actuality that has to be accurate by evidence. Art relates to animal affect and requires neither accepting nor affirmation as we apperceive it is a fiction or an article created actually from the acuteness of a animal mind.

Art: An Acuteness that needs affecting evidence

It is acutely difficult to ascertain art. Art is, fortunately, a plan of animal acuteness and adroitness that is chargeless from any chains or test. The alone reason, why a accurate music is advised as an art, is that it appeals to the listener. The analysis of a adequate painting is the acknowledgment of the viewer. No logic, acumen or affidavit is appropriate to appellation an art as adequate as its alone archetype is that it should be accustomed by people.

While both science and adoration claims to be absolute and the representation of the reality, art has no agitation in accepting that it is annihilation but a fiction. As a amount of fact, some forms of arts like movies and novels acutely accompaniment that these are the plan of fiction and any affinity with the actuality or absoluteness is actually accidental. Literature, addition anatomy of art, is clearly alleged fiction as aggregate in the atypical or the adventure is apocryphal which are created actually from animal imagination.

Thus one capital affection of art is that it is not a representation of actuality or reality. Yet a adequate cine or a adventure makes you cry, increases your heart-beat, makes you beam and makes you overlook that it is not a reality. The aftereffect of a adequate art is no altered than that created by the reality.

The a lot of absorbing affair about an art is that it affects your affections and not the mind. If you are account a abstruseness like “Da Vinci Code, your apperception is actual abundant acquainted that aggregate in the atypical is a fiction, yet you just can’t ascendancy your affections which emerges in the clairvoyant as if you are account a absolute activity adventure of the characters in the absolute activity situation. In a archetypal fiction, all the characters and situations are created by the acuteness of the author, yet they assume actually real. A fiction is, thus, not a plan of any acuteness but it consists of abounding facts and realities that makes the fiction like a reality.

It can be compared with a painting of a admirable girl. The babe may be imaginary, yet the appearance of the babe acquire a abutting affinity with absolute girls. The colors of the painter are aswell real, which may not be actually aforementioned as the absolute activity babe accord the aftereffect of the absolute girl, if alloyed from the acuteness of the viewer. An artisan creates the physique of the absoluteness but the physique of the absoluteness comes from the acuteness of the eyewitness who pours his own physique in the art. Therefore, if a atypical is apprehend by a actor people, anniversary being brainstorm the characters and bearings from his own imagination.

Thus an art is created by the acuteness of the artisan which appeals to the affections of added persons. The absolute analysis of an art is not the analysis of Accuracy (how abutting it is from Truth) but how abundant it looks like Truth. The analysis of art is not the affidavit or affirmation it has but how the clairvoyant perceives the accuracy in the fiction. To aback the absolute bulletin in the guise of artistic characters and bearings itself is an art which alone artists can understand. If the art fails to access the affection (emotions) of the people, it can’t be said to be a adequate art.

Science: An Acuteness that needs actual evidence

Science is the ability that is created by the acuteness (hypothesis) of animal apperception but absolute by the actual facts and evidences. A scientist about observes a phenomenon, acquire an account for the phenomenon, adumbrate a analytic aftereffect of the guess, analysis the prediction, and analysis for any mistakes. Appropriately the agent of science is an antecedent that a scientist accomplish afterwards authoritative an observation. The analytical analysis of the science is its acquiescence with the actual evidence.

Hypothesis is annihilation but acuteness of the scientist. Appropriately every accurate approach like art finds its agent in the acuteness of the animal mind. However, science relates to amount and its accuracy has to be activated by actual evidence. For example, if E=mc2 was not absolute by experiments, scientist would acquire alone the relativity approach of Einstein, irrespective of the acumen of the altercation or the theory.

Religion: An Acuteness that needs Social evidence

A adoration generally refers to an organized set of behavior and faiths apropos the airy or abstract world. The abstraction of adoration may or may not acquire the abstraction of God. All Religions, however, acquire some set of accustomed believes and rituals that are appropriate to be followed by its followers.

Religions are a analytical mix of science and arts. The followers of the religions are actually abiding about the artlessness of their scriptures while added humans generally acquisition it a plan of fiction. However, clashing arts, area the artists consistently acquaint the humans that the art is a conception of their imagination, the prophets or the artisan of the adoration generally alarm it a actuality Accuracy which they acquire acquired anon from God..

Therefore, religions like arts and sciences aswell seems to arise from animal imagination. Often, its creators are accustomed as prophets or son of God who acquired the ability anon from the God or Spirit. For example, Bible and Koran are advised to be the adumbration of God to the prophets and believed to be the words of God. Gita is believed to be the words of Lord Krishna. However, some religions like Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism are believed to be originated from bitter animal beings even though, the addict of their religions generally try to acclaim their cachet to the akin of celestial by calling Mahavir Jain and Buddha not as accustomed animal beings but avatars or the apotheosis of God and amalgam their statues like God.

One Timberline Abounding Branches

It is axiomatic that the antecedent of all arts, science and adoration is the acuteness of the animal mind. However, the animal imaginations are accustomed altered names like fiction, antecedent or the adumbration depending aloft the creation. When, Newton saw the angel falling from a tree, he absurd the force of allure that was alluring the angel appear the earth. Galileo formed his heliocentric approach of the solar arrangement based on his acuteness that apple was revolving about sun. This was an amazing acuteness that was aloft the acumen of the senses. He had no appropriate faculty to anticipate how massive apple could circumduct about a tiny (looking) sun. Einstein absurd that all motions of the planets are alone about or that ablaze is both a atom and a beachcomber based on his imagination.

Yet no one knows why such acuteness arose in the minds of such called individuals. Was it the admiration of God to apparent the Accuracy through these people? Or was it the admiration of man to ascertain the Accuracy that advance to such imagination? The aboriginal antecedent is the one that is accustomed by the believers or the religious people. However, if we assume the artlessness of additional antecedent again aswell the catechism remains, why such admiration arose in those individuals that assuredly culminated into such amazing imagination?

Body Apperception and Soul

Almost all religions and airy humans acquire in the actuality of body, mind, physique and spirit (or God). However, science does not acquire in annihilation added than physique as it considers even the apperception as the allotment of the physique (brain) and explains the thoughts in agreement of bio-chemicals. These abstraction are explained in altered religions. Gita (III 42) explains the accord of body, mind, physique and Spirit in the afterward words.

The senses are aloft to the body. Aloft the senses is the mind, aloft the apperception is the physique (individual intelligence) and aloft the physique is God (Universal Intelligence or Spirit).

Based on this theory, we acquisition that there are four akin of change of animal thoughts. A man “sees” the angel abnormally depending aloft the “stage” of his evolution.

Eyes of Body: The aboriginal akin of change is the akin of body. At this level, we see the angel from the concrete eyes of the body. This adequacy is accustomed to all the animals in the angel as anniversary one has the eyes of the body. At this date seeing is believing.

Eyes of the Mind: In the next akin of evolution, we can see the angel from the eyes of the mind, i.e. application the argumentation and reasoning. We acquire that every affair in the angel can be explained by the mind. We not alone see what is afore our eyes, but aswell what can’t be apparent from the concrete eyes. For example, you see a car moving, you apperceive that it acquire to acquire disciplinarian that is active the car. It is a date if you see what you believe.

Eyes of the Soul: The next akin of change is accomplished if we see the limitation of argumentation in answer the world. Again we try to acquire the angel from our own acumen and experience. The astute humans consistently believed that to apperceive the world, you acquire to apperceive your self. At this date a man thinks “Ahem Brahmasm” (I am the universe). As Upanishads accurately declared abounding thousand years back.

As is the animal body, so is the catholic body

As is the animal mind, so as the catholic mind

As is the microcosm, so is the macrocosm

S Radhakrshnan, one of the greatest Indian philosophers of the avant-garde science sums up the abstraction of the angel central in the afterward words

The abstract attack to actuate the attributes of absoluteness may alpha either with the cerebration cocky or the article of thought. In India the absorption of aesthetics is in the cocky of man. .. In India “Atmanam viddhi” Apperceive the self, sums up the law and the prophets. With man is the spirit which is the centermost of everything.

In this respect, even western thoughts were not actual different. Socrates said

“You can’t advise a being a thing. You can alone advice him ascertain it aural himself.”

Man is able of visualizing the Truths or the secrets of the cosmos that is neither arresting from the eyes or senses nor barefaced by apperception and logic. These are Truths that are accessible in arts, adoration and science. We apperceive that we wish to advice a arrant adolescent or poor after alive the argumentation and achieve that added humans acquire to aswell anticipate likewise. We cry if we see abuse and we apperceive that it is a accustomed admiration of man. Once we apperceive ourselves, we can apperceive the universe

Eyes of the Spirit: If a being evolves to the akin of spirit, he is able to see the absolute angel as the addendum of his own self. The banned of time and amplitude ceases to abide as his physique get one with the physique of the accustomed physique or spirit. From actuality he acquire the thoughts of God or the abysmal abstruse of nature. All abundant acuteness and abstract are created alone if a being is able to ability to the final date of evolution. At this level, the physique is animated to the akin of spirit and the man moves extreme from the actual body. However, this date is not abiding as the man is anon brought aback to the world, by the armament of the actual world. Yet in the process, he acquires the thoughts of God. This is the accomplished accompaniment of acuteness and one discovers the thoughts of God at this stage.

Translation of Divine Ability for the World

Once a being knows the thoughts of God or the centermost secrets of the universe, the adversity is, how to accomplish the angel acquire about what one has apparent from the eyes of the spirit? His account seems brainless to the angel as these are different and not apprehensible to the accustomed man.

One adjustment to argue about the Accuracy is to aftermath the acuteness in words or in added forms of art like fiction, movie, beheld art, music, composition etc. If there is a accustomed accuracy in these arts, it would affect the souls of added humans as they would acquisition the Truths in these fictions even if it can’t be proven. The characters and bearings may be abstract in the fiction but the accuracy in the art can be accomplished by the eyes of the soul. Appropriately an art is annihilation but the Accuracy that can’t be explained by argumentation or reason. Appropriately art is a adjustment of the announcement of truths that are not to be accurate by argumentation or accurate evidences but to be accomplished by the affection or affections of the beholder.

Yet, it does not beggarly that art is after argumentation or evidence. No being would acquire an casuistic abstraction as art. If the movies or the fiction are bare of logic, humans can never acquire it. However, the artisan is beneath no obligation to accord argumentation to what he says or does nor to accommodate affirmation for it.

Religious attempt too crave prove by the society. It, therefore, has harder archetype for acceptance. The accuracy of the adoration acquire to be activated with absolute people. In a lot of cases, the Prophets or Gurus themselves accommodate the affidavit of the accuracy by applying it on themselves and adequate the concern of the added humans by accouterment satisfactory replies to their doubts. The activity of Jesus or Mohammad is a affidavit that their truths were absolute and adequate to the society. Aforementioned can be said with Buddha, Jain and Guru Nanak and so with the originators of the abundant sects. Imagine, if Buddha would acquire said the aforementioned things, while he was a dacoit or a thief. No one would acquire listened to his words. Appropriately religions too crave proof.

If the adoration claims abnormal and abstract consequences, humans apprehend miracles from the prophets and Gurus. However, no such miracles are accustomed in the religions that are based on logic, conspicuously Buddhism and Jainism. Appropriately the accuracy of the adoration has to be activated by the humans over time. Alone when, adoration has been activated over continued aeon of time, it is accustomed by the humans as a amount of faith. Accepting is not the could cause of the adoration but the aftereffect of its Truth.

The accuracy of a adoration is applicative for the society, appropriately it acquire to argue a association by authoritative it stronger, merrier and added harmonious. It is a actual actuality that Christianity, Islam and Hinduism did play an important role in the affiliation of ample amount of humans in Europe, Middle East and Indian subcontinents and fabricated its addict added powerful, affluent and happier.

A accurate approach too starts with an acuteness or antecedent fabricated by the scientist. However, a scientist has to argue the angel by accouterment actual affirmation to the theory. It can be either in the anatomy of abstracts or in the anatomy of logic. Yet actual affirmation is the amount of science. For example, even though, Einstein gave the appropriate approach of relativity in 1905 and the accustomed approach of relativity in 1916, based on which he predicted the angle of starlight in the around of a massive physique such as the Sun, yet his antecedent was accustomed alone in 1919 during an concealment of the Sun. It is alone then, the accurate association accustomed his theories and awarded him the Noble cost for the cardboard of photoelectric that was accounting in 1905. Since the accuracy of science pertains to matters, appropriately it has to be activated on matter.


Arts, Science and Adoration acquisition their agent from the acuteness of the animal mind. Yet all imaginations may not be true. Therefore, anniversary acuteness has to accurate afore it is accustomed by the world. Appropriately these are the branches of the aforementioned timberline as accurately said by Einstein as they all represent the truth, thoughts of God or the abstruse of the cosmos that are appear to animal apperception from his imagination.